Teenager 'found £330,000 in his Nationwide account'

Image caption, Student Peter Reid said he had been "astonished" at his find

An Aberdeen teenager has told of his shock at finding £332,537 in his building society account.

Peter Reid, 16, said he contacted Nationwide after making the discovery and his online account was returned to its correct level.

But the organisation denied it had made a mistake and said that Mr Reid had entered "an incorrect figure".

The teenager has insisted he was not at fault and believed Nationwide had made the error.

The building society said that the figure had "temporarily appeared" in the youngster's MySave Online Plus account.

A spokesman added: "We can see from our records that when setting-up a one-off payment, via direct debit, to his MySave Online Plus account Mr Reid entered what has turned out to be an incorrect figure.

"This figure temporarily appeared in his MySave Online Plus account as an item in process (which means the funds are not cleared).

"However, this was then automatically rejected and the balance was removed from his account because of insufficient funds."

Image caption, The huge figure appeared in the student's online account

Mr Reid told the BBC Scotland news website that he was "astonished" when he made the discovery on Tuesday.

He explained: "I checked my balance which showed as more than £332,000, which the bank had put in by mistake.

"I telephoned and they corrected it.

"I knew I could have gone to jail for taking money like that. You could have spent it but it's not worth it.

"It has all been sorted out now."

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