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Man stabbed youth 'after paedophile taunts' in Huntly

A man who stabbed a 15-year-old boy after being taunted by youths who called him a paedophile has been jailed.

Colin MacFarlane, 33, attacked the teenager after youths followed him to his Huntly home in March.

MacFarlane previously admitted a charge of assault to severe injury and disfigurement.

He was jailed for 18 months at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, where Sheriff Malcolm Garden said custody was inevitable.

Fiscal depute Jonathan Kemp said: "This group of youths had previously taunted the accused and had called him, for example, a paedophile.

"The accused tried to walk away towards his home address. He was followed by the youths but made it home without further trouble.

"It would appear that some of the youths gathered outside the accused's home.

"The accused came out again and squared up to the complainer. He was punched by the complainer on the face which resulted in the accused stabbing the complainer with a knife he had brought with him."

'End of tether'

The court heard the youth suffered a chest injury.

Defence lawyer Tony Burgess said: "He had gone out to essentially tell the youths to go away. He was then punched.

"He took out the knife to scare the individuals, in particular the youth who had punched him.

"When he went back out, he was further taunted by the complainer.

"He was at the end of his tether in respect of the treatment he had had from the local youths."

Sheriff Garden said: "This involves the use of a knife.

"Custody is inevitable in this case. I do take account of the fact there was a fairly high degree of provocation in this matter."

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