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Woman was drunk in charge of baby in Peterhead

Niketa Thores [Pic: Newsline]
Image caption Niketa Thores declined to comment after the case as she was hungry

A young woman with a baby was found so drunk in a Peterhead street that the child had to be taken to hospital, a court has heard.

Niketa Thores, 22, could not stand while trying to push a buggy and was discovered slumped against a door.

A member of the public raised the alarm and the 16-month-old baby was taken to hospital due to being cold.

Thores admitted wilfully neglecting a child in July, in a manner which was likely to cause unnecessary suffering.

Sentence was deferred on the first offender at Peterhead Sheriff Court.

After the hearing, Thores said she did not have time to speak about the case because she was hungry.

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