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Earthquake recorded in North Sea

North Sea
Image caption A quake in the North Sea in 2001 was felt by workers on an oil platform

An earthquake has been detected in the North Sea about 155 miles (250km) east of Aberdeen.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the 3.5 magnitude event would have been significant if it had occurred on land.

The quake in an area called Central Graben was about 55 miles (90km) from where a 4.2 event in May 2001 was felt on an oil and gas platform.

No reports have been received by the BGS of the recent event being felt.

The organisation said the North Sea was an active area for earthquakes.

Workers on a platform in the Ekofisk oil field felt the event in 2001.

While the latest recording was significant in UK terms, the magnitude was not high in global terms.

Last month, a 1.1 quake was detected in Glenelg and a 1.8 event near Kingussie in the Highlands by BGS.

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