Sex assault accused says claims 'like a film script'

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Kim Avis denies all the charges against him in his trial at the High Court in Glasgow

A man accused of sexually abusing four women has claimed the allegations were like reading from a film script.

Kim Avis, 57, told jurors the accusations were "disgusting."

He is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow where he denies 16 charges spanning between January 1997 and March 2019.

The accusations include claims he raped three women. He is also said to have attempted to rape one of them when she was 12.

Mr Avis is further charged with sexually assaulting a girl when she was 11.

Nine charges Mr Avis was facing were withdrawn by the prosecution on Monday.

Inverness market trader Mr Avis gave evidence at his trial on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Graeme Jessop put to him that he had abused a girl.

Mr Avis replied: "It is like you are reading a film script. It is untrue. It is disgusting."

'Made up'

Mr Avis also denied he had sex with one woman when she did not want to as she was tired.

Mr Avis replied: "At times we had a good sex life and (were) happy."

He denied he was controlling with another woman and stopped her seeing her friends.

Mr Jessop said: "You were in regular arguments and there was an occasion that you raped her."

Mr Avis replied: "That's absolutely not true."

He also denied he attacked the woman after drinking alcohol and playing guitar, and said he had not touched alcohol in 35 years.

Mr Avis decribed accusations he massaged a girl and groped her as "untrue and made up."

The trial, before judge Lord Sandison, continues.

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