Lightning 'gouged channels' into Scottish mountain

Image source, Allan Macleod
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Channels and dislodged boulders were found near the summit of Leum Uilleim

What is believed to be evidence of a lightning strike has been found on a remote Highlands mountain.

Channels have been found gouged into the ground and washing machine-sized boulders dislodged near the top of 909m (2,982ft) Leum Uilleim.

Allan Macleod, head stalker at Corrour Estate, said at first glance it looked like the damage was caused by a large mechanical digger.

But he said this was impossible given the location.

The nearest place people can reach the mountain is more than a mile away at Corrour Station, one of the UK's most remote and highest railway stations. There is track, but not a public road to the station.

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Possible evidence of a lightning strike was found at Corrour, a remote location in the Highlands

Leum Uilleim, which overlooks sprawling Rannoch Moor, is a Corbett, which are Scottish mountains of between 762m (2,500ft) and 914m (3,000ft).

Mr Macleod said he believed the only plausible explanation for the damage was a lightning strike.

Image source, Allan Macleod
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The damage was found on a remote mountain top

He said there appeared to be a point of impact near the mountain's summit. The channels began less than a metre away and may have followed small water courses on the hillside.

Mr Macleod said: "The boulders were two or three feet square in size and the channels in the ground were up to 40ft long.

"Also, any diggers working on Corrour I would have known about, especially in such a remote location."

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