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Loch Ness rescue: Boy helped brother to shore after kayaks swamped

image copyrightRNLI Loch Ness
image captionRNLI Loch Ness later recovered the boys' kayaks
A teenage long-distance swimmer helped his older brother get to shore after their kayaks were swamped by water in rough conditions on Loch Ness.
The boys had been attempting to cross the loch to visit an old boathouse.
After their kayaks filled with water they managed to get to a shore of the loch, but the ground was too steep for them to get out of the water.
They used a mobile phone to raise the alarm and the coastguard and RNLI Loch Ness lifeboat went to their aid.
One of the boys was winched onboard the Inverness Coastguard helicopter while the other was picked up by the lifeboat. Inverness Coastguard Rescue Team and the Scottish Ambulance Service were also involved in the rescue.
The boys were in the water for almost an hour before they were rescued on 26 July but have both made full recoveries.
The Loch Ness lifeboat station said the younger boy helped his brother after they got into difficulty about half way across the loch.
Their kayaks sank before later returning to the surface. They were recovered by RNLI Loch Ness and returned to the teenagers.

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