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Security camera plan for Highland Council's toilets

Toilet sign
Image caption The cameras would be used for monitoring the outside of public toilet buildings

Highland Council plans to use CCTV in an effort to deter anti-social behaviour and vandalism at its public toilets.

The local authority is the UK's largest provider of public conveniences.

The cameras are to be used for monitoring the outside of toilet buildings and can be fitted to street lights or walls.

Highland Council has started a public consultation on its plan in line with data protection regulation.

Many of the council's 74 toilets are currently closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some are open and available to essential workers.

The local authority said the cameras would be used on a rolling basis.

The council said: "Public safety, reduction of anti-social behaviour and vandalism is of utmost importance.

"Recording devices provide a factual record of events where such have been recorded and have been shown to resolve these issues and reduce the fear of crime."

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