Inverness bridges' padlocks snagging passing cyclists

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Padlocks on Inverness' Infirmary Bridge

Padlocks attached to railings on footbridges in Inverness as love tokens are to be removed after becoming a hazard, according to Highland Council.

The locks on the city's Infirmary and Greig Street bridges have been snagging the clothing of passing cyclists.

Highland Council said the locks were also rusting and "encouraging" rust spots on the crossings' steelwork.

The locks will be kept at a council depot for four weeks in case people wish to reclaim them.

Highland Council said: "There have been incidents of pedestrians and cyclists catching clothing on them whilst passing each other.

"The council asks that people refrain from placing padlocks on these or any other assets to help reduce ongoing maintenance costs."

The locks will be taken to the local authority's Diriebught Depot once they are removed.

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Highland Council said the locks snagged on the clothing of passing pedestrians and cyclists