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Ultimatum issued to Stornoway Golf Club in Sunday golfing row

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A golf club has been warned it could lose its lease amid a row about whether people can play on Sundays.

The course at Stornoway Golf Club, in the Western Isles, is closed on Sundays in observation of the Sabbath.

The club's members have unanimously given their support to calls to allow golf to be played seven days a week.

But the Stornoway Trust, which owns the land, has now threatened to terminate its lease if the club does not agree to stay shut on Sundays.

Stornoway Golf Club said it did not want to comment at this stage.

'Needs resolved'

The course, which was founded in Lewis in 1890, sits within the Castle Grounds area of Stornoway.

There has been a long-standing agreement that golf is not played on the course on Sundays.

Stornoway Trust factor Iain MacIver said: "This matter has been ongoing for some time and it needs to be resolved.

"At the moment our agreement goes from year to year, but the trustees felt this is unacceptable.

"We have given them until the end of the year to agree to the lease or we will have to seek alternative arrangements for the use of the land."

Eight years ago, the club won a legal fight to secure a drinks licence to sell alcohol on Sundays.

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