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Aurora Borealis lights up the sky over Scotland

Aurora seen from Brora Image copyright Munkeynutz/BBC Weather Watchers
Image caption The aurora was seen as a green glow from Brora in Sutherland

The Aurora Borealis could be seen in the skies across Scotland overnight.

Also known as the Northern Lights, the displays are linked to activity on the surface of the Sun.

Northern Lights at Ardnamurchan Point Image copyright Hamza Yassin
Image caption Hamza Yassin captured this image from Ardnamurchan Point

The aurora is caused by the interaction of solar wind - a stream of charged particles escaping the Sun - and Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere.

When weather conditions are favourable, Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland offer some of the best places to observe the aurora or Northern Lights as the phenomenon is often known.

Uig Image copyright matt2901/BBC Weather Watchers
Image caption The Northern Lights were also visible from Uig
Aurora seen from Gairloch Image copyright JMacL/BBC Weather Watchers
Image caption Gairloch was also a good place for observing the aurora

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