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Kelly Macdonald's Merida threatens to 'break the internet'

By Steven McKenzie
BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

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image captionKelly Macdonald has reprised the role of Merida for the new Disney movie

Kelly Macdonald's animated character Merida appears in a new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, speaking Scots and using Scottish slang.

The clip of Merida has been turned into a meme, spreading across social media with people attempting to "decipher" what she is saying.

Scots and others, meanwhile, have been offering a translation.

Merida says: "I gie my mammy a cake. She turns in tae a big bear, and my auld yin tried tae dae her in."

In the trailer, which has had almost two million views, she goes on: "If that's not pure mess, I don't know wit is."

Another Disney character, Moana, then says: "We can't understand her."

Anna, a character from Frozen, explains that Merida is from "another studio", a reference to 2012's Brave, in which Merida appears, being made by Pixar.

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image captionMerida appears with other Disney princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Merida's monologue, given while wearing a T-shirt with an image of a growling bear above the word "Mum", offers a brief outline to the plot to Brave.

And if you do not know what she is saying, it translates as: "I gave my mum a cake. She turned into a big bear, and my old dad tried to do her in.

"If that's not pure mess I don't know what is."

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image captionSome of the memes have been gathered together for a Twitter Moment

Macdonald has reprised her role as the medieval Highlands princess for the new Disney film.

She originally provided the voice for Brave.

The Pixar team behind Brave visited Scotland, visiting locations in the Highlands and the Western Isles to help guide the making of the movie.

In the 2012 film, Elgin-born Kevin McKidd spoke in Doric for one of the characters he played.

Merida's father is played by the comedian and actor Billy Connolly, aka the Big Yin.

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