Zero-hours contract worker in Inverness wins shift cancellation case

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Campaign group Better than Zeros says it hopes the case leads to "significant changes" in the hospitality industry

A bar worker on a zero-hours contract has won a legal dispute with his former employers over last-minute shift cancellations.

Alasdair Thomson, from Inverness, said his shifts were cancelled on a number of occasions leaving him unable to find other work to replace his lost wages.

Better than Zero, a campaign fighting zero-hours contracts, backed his claim against a local bar.

His lawyers said the case was settled before a judgement was handed down.

Better than Zero said it hoped the case would lead to "significant changes" in employers' practices in the hospitality industry.

Mr Thomson said: "It's not everywhere that treats you badly, but certainly it's not the first bad experience I've had.

"When bosses cancel these shifts at the last minute, is has such a huge effect on your life.

"Not only is it impossible to find replacement work at such short notice, it mean it's impossible to make basic plans about what you do with your life."