Designer on 'rejuvenating' Scotland's kilt

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Scottish athletes Andrew Butchart and Lynsey Sharp modelling the new uniform

A co-creator of Team Scotland's 2018 Commonwealth Games parade uniform says she has sought to "rejuvenate" the "iconic, traditional" kilt.

Siobhan Mackenzie, who grew up on the Black Isle, collaborated with Perth tartan manufacturer House of Edgar.

The 24-year-old designer said she cut the traditional kilt on a diagonal angle to give it a "fashion twist".

Scottish athletes Lynsey Sharp and Andrew Butchart have helped to unveil the new-look uniform.

Mackenzie worked with House of Edgar's blue, green and magenta tartan to come up with her designs for the male and female kilts.

Image source, Stephen Gibson
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Siobhan Mackenzie

She told BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie programme she was "so proud" to have been involved.

Asked about mixed reactions to Scotland's Glasgow 2014 tartan uniform, Mackenzie said its designer textile artist Jilli Blackwood, like all designers, had set out to make a "bold statement".

The Highlands fashion designer added: "The thing you have to remember is you will never please everybody.

"If the athletes are happy then I'm happy."

On her design she said: "The kilt shape is still made in the same traditional way, however, the front of the kilt is cut on the bias, on a diagonal angle.

"It's a really simple twist, but it makes such a difference to the visual of the kilt."

Mackenzie added: "It is more of a fashion twist on the kilt and rejuvenating it, and representing a contemporary Scotland."