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Iron Age broch recreated in Lego

image copyrightBrick to the Past
image captionEarly work on the Lego broch

An Iron Age broch has been recreated in Lego.

At a height of 40cm and covering an area of about 1.2 m sq, the roundhouse and a surrounding landscape are made of 10,000 pieces.

Brick to the Past, a team specialising in historically-themed Lego models, built it for the Caithness Broch Project.

image copyrightBrick to the Past
image captionThe circular shape of the Iron Age building posed a challenge

The ruins of what were some of Scotland's oldest and most formidable structures can be found in the Highlands and Orkney.

Caithness has more broch sites than anywhere else in Scotland. Caithness Broch Project was set up to raise awareness of the ancient buildings.

image copyrightBrick to the Past
image captionThe broch was commissioned by Caithness Broch Project

There are also impressive ruins of brochs in Glenelg in the north west Highlands, while evidence of what is thought to be a rare example of a broch in an urban setting has been uncovered in Stirling.

The stone-built houses have been excavated by archaeologists at Thrumster, near Wick, and near Dunning in Perthshire.

The Lego model is to be put on public display later this summer.

Dan Harris and James Pegrum, of Brick to the Past, worked on the project.

Mr Harris said: "I built the broch itself, while James built the landscape.

"Brick to the Past specialise in creating massive, detailed and meticulously-researched, historically-themed Lego models and we have a large and growing portfolio covering important periods of British history.

image copyrightBrick to the Past
image captionThe finished broch

"We love history and believe that Lego offers a great way of engaging both young and old in the subject.

"So when Caithness Broch Project approached us we jumped at the chance to work with them.

"Because of the broch's round but tapered shape, this is undoubtedly the most challenging model I have ever built, but it's been a fascinating subject and great fun to make."

A mini version of the Lego broch has also been designed and instructions on how to build it made available online.

image copyrightBrick to the Past
image captionInstructions have been made available for a mini broch

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