Star whoa: Stunning starfish on Scottish beach

By Steven McKenzie
BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter


Evidence of starfish behaviour known as "starballing" can still be found weeks after it occurred at a beach in the Scottish Highlands.

The unusual sight of thousands of starfish stranded at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle was first reported towards the beginning of April.

Most of the creatures involved were thought to have been washed back out to sea in the following days.

Experts at Plymouth University's Marine Institute coined the starballing phrase after observing starfish changing their location last year.

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Starballing was first noticed at Rosemarkie last month
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Rocky features on the beach create rock pools, in which starfish are found

Starfish can still be found on the sand at Rosemarkie, and also in its many rock pools.

The starfish vary in size from about 20cm from the tip of one foot to another, to animals half that size.

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