Former Doctor Who companions in new short film

image source, Ryan Hendrick
image captionCaitlin Blackwood and Frazer Hines have previously made appearances in sci-fi Doctor Who

Two former Doctor Who companions have teamed up for a short film by a Bafta-nominated director.

Frazer Hines appeared in the TV series in the 1960s and 1980s playing Jamie McCrimmon, a Highlander from the 18th Century.

Author Diana Gabaldon drew some of her inspiration to set her Outlander books in Scotland after seeing a re-run of a 1960s episode featuring Hines.

Hines appears in new short drama Sundown with Caitlin Blackwood.

Blackwood appeared in Doctor Who opposite Matt Smith's Time Lord. She played a young version of Amy Pond, a Doctor Who companion played by Blackwood's cousin, Scottish TV and film star Karen Gillan.

Sundown was directed and co-written by Ryan Hendrick.

image captionHines as Jamie with Colin Baker's Doctor Who and fellow companion Peri, played by Nicola Bryant

It tells the story of William, played by Hines, a man in his 70s who is taken on "a timeless journey" through the eyes of Blackwood's Abi to come to terms with his own mortality.

Blackwood, who was nine when she appeared in Doctor Who and is now 16, said: "I think this project is important in terms of highlighting the issues the film delves in to.

"I have the opportunity to bring a youthful insight to a role that you'd normally expect to played by an older actor."

image source, BBC/Adrian Rogers
image captionCaitlin Blackwood and Matt Smith's Doctor Who

Hines, who also starred in TV soap Emmerdale and played Sir Fletcher Gordon in the Outlander TV series, said Sundown had a "beautiful script".

Sundown marks the third screenwriting venture between Hendrick and writing partner Clare Sheppard.

Their last short film, Perfect Strangers, received more than 18 film festival selections, three awards and four award nominations, including a Bafta Scotland nomination for Clare Sheerin in the best actress category.

The writing duo's second venture is an upcoming Scottish Highlands-set road movie, Journey Bound, starring Ford Kiernan, Clare Grogan, former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy, James Kirk and Blackwood.

image source, Ryan Hendrick/David Newman
image captionClare Sheerin got a Bafta nomination for her part in Hendrick's Perfect Strangers

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