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Where eagles dare: Fox takes on large raptor for a meal

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Media captionThe outcome of the fight for food will be shown on Winterwatch

Footage of a fight between a fox and a golden eagle over food has been captured by BBC Springwatch's Winterwatch programme.

The predators' battle over carrion was shot in the snow-covered Trossachs.

Full details of the fight, and which of the animals came out on top, will be given during Thursday night's programme.

Winterwatch has been capturing footage of wildlife in Scotland, including the Cairngorms.

Image copyright BBC Springwatch/Winterwatch
Image copyright BBC Springwatch/Winterwatch
Image copyright BBC Springwatch/Winterwatch

The fox versus eagle footage was shot in the Trossachs, an area of mountains and glens in central Scotland.

Golden eagles are the UK's second largest bird of prey after the white-tailed sea eagle.

The raptors are mainly found in Scotland's north west Highlands and Islands, but a few are found at the RSPB's Haweswater reserve in Cumbria.

In the Cairngorms, Winterwatch has been reporting on efforts to conserve rare Scottish wildcats.

Image copyright BBC Springwatch/Winterwatch

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