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Comedian Ross Noble gets role in Scots fantasy film

Ross Noble
Image caption Ross Noble turned up unannounced on the set of The Fairy Flag

Comedian Ross Noble has been cast in a new fantasy adventure film after visiting the set in Scotland.

The Fairy Flag is based on a legend from the Isle of Skye and is being shot at Balgonie Castle in Glenrothes.

Noble was given a role in the Zoghogg Productions Ltd and RMN Productions' feature after turning up unannounced at the castle.

The film has been inspired by a fairytale attached to the MacLeods of Dunvegan Castle on Skye.

The legend centres around a flag gifted to the clan by a fairy maiden.

Unfurling the Fairy Flag is said to have turned the tide of a battle in the clan's favour.

In reality, the fabric is thought to have been made in the Middle East and to have been a relic of the Crusades.

The new film's director of photography is David Lee, who was a cinematographer on 2012 movie Cloud Atlas starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Lee was also Ken Loach's assistant behind the camera for five years.

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