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Art depicting life in 19th Century Delhi to be sold

Elephant and driver Image copyright Bonhams
Image caption Art work of an elephant and its driver is one of the images to be auctioned

Art commissioned by two Inverness brothers depicting life in Delhi in the 19th Century are to be sold at an auction in London later this year.

The works are from The Fraser Album and came to light among other historical documents in 1979.

James Fraser went to India in 1815 when he was 16 to train as a political officer in the East India Company.

His younger brother William, a talented artist, followed him to India and worked in Calcutta.

In total, The Fraser Album contains more than 90 watercolours showing people and scenes in and around Delhi.

Image copyright Bonhams
Image caption The art could sell for up to £30,000

The brothers commissioned local artists to paint and sketch pictures of servants, tradesmen and Ghurkha soldiers.

The first of the three images to be auctioned at Bonhams on 8 April is of an elephant and its driver. It could sell for between £20,000 and £30,000.

The second work is of a bullock-drawn carriage of Prince Mirza Babur. It is also expected to fetch up to £30,000.

It is thought a third picture, of a Delhi cotton worker, could sell for a similar price.

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