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Man stabbed woman and girl with scissors in Inverness

A man has admitted stabbing a woman with a pair of scissors and assaulting a nine-year-old girl who was trying to protect her.

Martin McGinley, 33, repeatedly struck Lynne McGregor, 36, with the scissors during the assault on 27 May at a home they shared in Inverness.

He also stabbed the young girl on an arm as she twice stepped in try to protect Ms McGregor.

McGinley faces a jail sentence when he returns to court on 17 December.

It emerged at the High Court in Glasgow that he was previously jailed for seven years for attempted murder in 2000 after torturing his then flatmate.

'Strange look'

Prosecutor Bill McVicar told how McGinley joined his partner downstairs the morning of the attack, but returned to his bedroom after appearing to be agitated.

However, he later came back and headed straight for the cutlery drawer in the kitchen.

McGinley managed to grab a pair of scissors despite Ms McGregor, his girlfriend at the time, trying to stop him.

Mr McVicar told the court: "She asked the accused to return the scissors. The accused - who had a strange look on his face - stated: 'It's you I need to stab'.

"Lynne McGregor was shocked by this and asked him why he would want to do that."

McGinley then repeatedly struck her with the scissors on the head and hand.

Permanent scars

The girl, who was staying at the house, intervened to protect Ms McGregor but she was struck on the arm.

Ms McGregor tried to escape, but McGinley caught up and lashed out at her once more.

The young girl again tried to step in, but Ms McGregor was hit one more time on the back.

Covered in blood, the woman eventually fled to a neighbour and raised the alarm.

Mr McVicar said Ms McGregor was concerned for the safety of children who were still in the house.

Paramedics rescued the youngsters and Ms McGregor and the nine-year-old girl were taken to hospital.

Both still bear permanent scars from the incident, the court heard.

Judge Lord Bannatyne deferred sentencing for reports.