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Inverness pubs curfew 'sends wrong message'

A fresh call has been made for councillors to abolish the "midnight curfew" in Inverness.

The curfew, which has been in place for the past decade, sees pubs and clubs close to new customers at midnight.

It is designed to cut down on alcohol-fuelled late night anti-social behaviour.

Pat Hayden, chair of The Highland Local Licensing Forum, said it sent out the wrong signals, indicating to people that Inverness was not a safe city.

The licensing forum is an independent body, made up of representatives from the community, which offers advice to the council's Licensing Board.

Ms Hayden told BBC Scotland: "All we would ask is that they take a fresh look at it.

"We don't think it is the right message to send out, that we have a curfew."

She added: "It sort of tells folk that it is not a safe city to be in in the evening, and I think that's not a good thing."

"So we think, why not meet us half way?"

Ms Hayden called for the curfew to be relaxed for a trial period, suggesting the summer months as a good time.