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Musician Andrew Gunn admits attacking former friends

Andrew Gunn
Image caption Andrew Gunn was described as a talented musician by his solicitor

A musician armed himself with a stun gun, pepper spray and an imitation gun before attacking three former friends, Inverness Sheriff Court has heard.

Andrew Gunn, 35, believed Lorna MacLennan, her boyfriend Robin Abbot and their flatmate William Morrison were conspiring against him.

Travelling from his flat in London, he confronted the three in his home city of Inverness in August this year.

Sheriff Ian Abercrombie deferred sentence on Gunn until 12 January.

The guitarist, who is undergoing psychiatric treatment, admitted three charges of assault and one of possessing unlawful weapons.

A haemophiliac, Gunn was one of more than 4,600 people in the UK who were treated contaminated blood products.

He was diagnosed with HIV and Hepatitis C at a young age and was a spokesman for the Scottish Haemophilia Groups Forum.

Gunn had known the three friends for more than 20 years.

However, he believed they had set up a website criticising him, although he had never been able to find it.

The court heard that he bought his weapons over the internet.

On the evening of the attack, musicians Mr Abbot and Mr Morrison were playing at Inverness's Market Bar. Ms MacLennan was with them.

Later, Mr Morrison returned to their flat in Baron Taylor Street and was attacked outside the communal door by Gunn.

Mr Morrison was handcuffed and when he shouted for help, Gunn set off the stun gun in his face.

Gunn attacked Ms MacLennan and her boyfriend with the pepper spray shortly after they arrived at the flat.

Ms MacLennan managed to contact the police while Mr Abbot struggled on the floor with Gunn.

Procurator fiscal Ron Phillips said no-one suffered serious injury, adding: "The circumstances are not only frightening but somewhat bizarre."

Defence lawyer George Mathers said Gunn had formed the view his friends were persecuting him.

Mr Mathers added: "He is an exceptionally talented musician who almost made it to the big time, including travelling to America.

"He claims these people made his life utter hell. He insisted they started a website on the internet which was highly critical of him. He was never able to find it, but is convinced it exists."

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