Water from Loch Ness to cool planned visitor centre

image captionThe project has been planned for land on the loch's western shore

Water drawn from Loch Ness would be used to heat and cool down a proposed new visitor centre as part of efforts to make it eco-friendly.

The design of the new Jacobite Discovery Project has been published.

Cameron Webster Architects said the water system was among measures that would reduce the £2.5m building's carbon footprint.

Inverness-based firm Jacobite Cruises' planning application is to be considered by Highland Council.

The site at at Brackla is on the loch's western shores.

Robin Webster, partner at Cameron Webster, said: "Water from the loch heats and cools the building through a water-to-air heat pump.

"This uses less energy and, while operated by electricity, has a substantially lower carbon footprint."

He added: "The high level of glazing allows the building to be naturally lit, reducing the need for artificial light, and allows for maximum solar gain on the south side of the building."

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