Russell Brand leaves SNP MSP in fits of laughter


Comedian Russell Brand left a Scottish National Party MSP in fits of laughter after interrupting the politician's interview with BBC Alba.

Alasdair Allan was answering a question in the Scottish Parliament about Prime Minister David Cameron's stance on a referendum on Scottish independence.

Brand jumped in front of the camera, put his arms around the MSP and said: "Come back to England."

The comedian was in Edinburgh as part of a book-signing tour.

As Brand walked away, Western Isles MSP Mr Allan shouted after him: "It's you isn't it? How are you? Nice to meet you."

Later, Mr Allan said he was aware of someone behind him and thought he was about to be rugby tackled.

The MSP said: "I think it was all done in good humour.

"I suppose it's that old joke about comedians in the parliament, but today there was a real one."