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Unafraid red deer 'peering in house windows'

Rutting red deer stags
Image caption Rutting season occurs during the autumn

Islanders have complained about wild deer destroying vegetable plots and even peering in through house windows.

People on Lewis said the red deer had lost their fear of human activity and were trampling through gardens.

Community landowner, the Stornoway Trust, has warned people not to get close to stags as the rutting season is about to begin.

Western Isles council has asked for a meeting with Scottish Natural Heritage on the matter.

The Stornoway Trust said it culled five deer this summer to ease the problem.

Factor Iain Maciver said in the past 12 months red deer have been appearing close to properties as herds move between moorland and crofts.

He said: "In addition to the danger they cause on the roads they can cause considerable damage for people trying to grow vegetables and young trees.

"More importantly, as they lose their fear of man the stags could become quite dangerous particularly during the rut."

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