'I thought because I was young it wouldn't affect me'

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Calum WishartImage source, Calum Wishart

A Paisley man who is recovering from coronavirus has called on young people not to underestimate the impact the virus can have.

Calum Wishart said when news of the pandemic first broke his "naive arrogance" led him to believe he would be OK because he is only 25 years old.

But within days of the lockdown Mr Wishart started displaying symptoms of the virus and was taken to hospital.

He described it as "the most horrendous experience".

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he said: "I had the completely wrong attitude.

"I would not say I was hugging strangers or anything like that, I think I just underestimated the real impact of it.

"I had the perspective that because I was young it would not affect me, that it would be like a kind of flu."

Image source, Calum Wishart
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Mr Wishart was taken to hospital after suffering breathing difficulties and other symptoms of coronavirus

Mr Wishart said he had a "massive dose of reality" when the gravity of his situation became clear after being rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and put on oxygen.

He continued: "It started off as a slight fever and from there it escalated.

"The next few days was just on and off oxygen and not being able to do anything."

The loss of his freedom of movement was the biggest impact and now, out of hospital and into self-isolation, he is using his time to try and make younger people aware that coronavirus can strike anyone.

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Now out of hospital, Mr Wishart is recovering from his experience in self isolation