Glasgow University's rugby teams say sorry for speeches

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The University of Glasgow's rugby teams have apologised for sexist and racist comments made at an anniversary dinner

A university's rugby clubs have apologised after guests complained about sexist and racist comments made at a dinner.

The men's and women's rugby clubs have made an "unreserved apology" about language used in speeches during the official dinner.

The meal marked 150 years since the start of the University of Glasgow's men's rugby club.

The amateur club is a founding member of the Scottish Rugby Union.

Both rugby teams have said they were "shocked and appalled" by comments made by guest speakers at the event, held on 16 November.

Former Scotland and Lions star Roger Baird and IVF specialist Dr Bobby Low addressed guests at the dinner to honour the amateur rugby teams.

In a joint statement issued by the university, a spokeswoman said: "We would like to unreservedly apologise to those who attended the 150th Anniversary Rugby Club Dinner on Saturday 16 November and who may have been offended by some of the speeches.

"As rugby clubs we were shocked and appalled at elements of the content, which in no way reflects our values or beliefs.

"We have reached out to offer a personal apology to some of the top table guests and have made arrangements for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held as soon as possible to discuss Saturday's event and the behaviour of certain individuals.

"To repeat, the views that were expressed - regardless of whether it was an attempt at humour - have no place in our clubs, our sports department or our University.

"Saturday should have been about celebrating a great anniversary, and marking the tremendous progress that has been made in both the men's and women's game.

"We are extremely disappointed and will not allow outdated views and attitudes within our clubs which are open and welcoming to all students of the University of Glasgow."

A spokeswoman for the university said it was "fully supportive" of the rugby clubs and "condemns any behaviour which does not match the university's position of zero-tolerance of intolerant behaviour."