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Glasgow woman stabbed daughter because 'enough was enough'

Irene Forrester (left) and Linda Ann Forrester Image copyright Spindrift
Image caption Irene Forrester (left) told police officers she stabbed her daughter Linda Ann because "sometimes enough is enough"

A retired nurse repeatedly stabbed her 38-year-old daughter after telling her: "I don't love you as much as I used to."

Irene Forrester, 66, admitted attacking Linda Ann Forrester at the older woman's flat in Partick, Glasgow, in January.

Forrester stabbed her daughter four times leaving her with a collapsed lung and broken rib.

The first offender later said to police: "I hope she is not dead."

Forrester pleaded guilty to assaulting her daughter to her severe injury and danger of life.

'Put her out of her misery'

She was warned she could be sent to prison when she returns to court for sentencing next month.

The court heard how the pair had been at Forrester's home when she suddenly blurted out that she no longer had the same love for her daughter.

Ms Forrester went to bed and said she did not want to speak to her mother.

But, prosecutor Lorri Pidgeon told the hearing: "Forrester returned a short time later with a kitchen knife.

"She told her daughter that she was going to put her out her misery and stabbed her four times."

Ms Forrester managed to escape the flat into her car before calling an ambulance.

Her mother also dialled 999, stating: "I stabbed my daughter. I hope she is not dead. I'm very sorry. She will be dead. I am guilty. It is so bad."

'Enough is enough'

Police later found the knife at the flat.

Forrester told officers: "I did it. I did not want to do it, but sometimes enough is enough."

The victim suffered wounds to her back, hip and arms.

Forrester's lawyer Neil Stewart said: "She believes this is an extremely serious matter. She acted disproportionately, but was at the end of her tether with her daughter."

No further explanation was given in court.

Sheriff Alan MacKenzie continued Forrester's bail until sentencing.

But he told her: "Custody is at the forefront of my thinking due to the gravity of the offence."

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