PC helped obtain 'trafficked' woman's ID papers

image captionThe High Court in Glasgow has been hearing the evidence

A police officer has told a trafficking trial he helped a woman recover her identification documents from a Glasgow flat after receiving a 999 call.

PC Urfam Mohammed was giving evidence at the High Court in Glasgow.

Vojtech Gombar, 61, Anil Wagle, 37, Jana Sandorova, 28,and Ratislav Adam, 31, deny trafficking women into Scotland for prostitution and slavery.

Prosecutors allege women were brought from Slovakia and held in "slavery or servitude" between 2011 and 2017.

PC Mohammed said he and a colleague received a call in May 2014 from a Day-to-Day store in Govanhill.

A woman had entered the shop and the shopkeeper could not understand her.

The officer said that they quickly released the woman spoke no English.

Bag of clothing

He added: "There were two young girls in the shop aged about 10 or 11 who spoke her language.

"They spoke broken English and we managed to extract what the woman was trying to tell us."

He went on to say the woman wanted to get her identification documents.

"We thought someone was withholding them and refusing to return them," he added.

He told the jury he and his colleague walked the woman to the flat in Allison Street which was occupied by Gombar's family.

The woman took her documents and a bag of clothing from the flat.

PC Mohammed said: "We got a phone number for her sister in London and it was then we realised she had allegedly been trafficked to Glasgow."

The trial before Lord Beckett continues.

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