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Dog helped hairdresser Trevor Sorbie cope with depression

Trevor Sorbie Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Trevor Sorbie is one of Britain's most high profile hairdressers

Award-winning hairdresser Trevor Sorbie has told how owning a dog has helped with his depression.

The 69-year-old "little boy from Paisley" spoke of suffering with the condition as well as anxiety, throughout his life.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, he recalled how coverage of his private life drove him to consider taking his own life.

However, he said getting a dog had been the "best medicine"

'Cutting wigs'

Mr Sorbie told the BBC Radio 4 programme that he bought a dog after reading of the mental health benefits of owning a pet.

He said: "I have suffered from depression and anxiety.

"I read this article years ago and they said that anyone suffering with anxiety and depression, the best medicine is a dog.

"So I went and got a dog and you know what? It's right. It's so good for me, that little boy.

"I have to go out for an hour walking and I absolutely adore this little boy."

Sorbie - who gained fame with the creation of the Wedge cut - said he would stop working in the trade in a year, but would continue to cut wigs for people who had lost their hair.

He added: "That's my future, really - cutting wigs and taking my dog for a walk."

The episode airs on Radio 4 at 11:15 on Sunday.

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