Supermarket aisle acid attacker jailed for four years

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A man who carried out an acid attack in a supermarket has been jailed for four years and five months.

Thomas Charnley, 44, threw acid from a jar at Daniel Duffy, 38, in a Scotmid Store in Viewpark, North Lanarkshire, in April this year.

It is believed that the substance used in the attack was sulphuric acid or a similar liquid.

Mr Duffy, who Mr Charnley claimed had threatened him and his partner, suffered blisters to his skin.

Mr Charnley fled after the attack, which was captured on CCTV.

'Blisters appeared'

At the High Court in Glasgow, Mr Charnley admitted assaulting Mr Duffy resulting in his severe injury.

The court heard that Mr Charnley threw the acid over Mr Duffy as they both shopped in the Scotmid Store in Viewpark.

Mr Charnley, who was clutching a dark-coloured jar, threw its contents at Mr Duffy as they met in an aisle.

The acid burned holes into the victim's trousers and he went into shock as blisters appeared on his head and neck.

Mr Duffy received hospital treatment, but did not suffer permanent scarring.

Ronnie Renucci QC, defending, said that Mr Charnley had sold a dog to Mr Duffy two years ago and that they had not been in contact until a couple of weeks before the attack.

Mr Renucci told the court there was an issue between the men including apparent threats being made to Mr Charnley and his partner.

Mr Renucci added: "He cannot recall putting the jar in his pocket. He left the house and was going to buy beer.

"This is not a case where he left looking for trouble."

Mr Charnley claimed that Mr Duffy had approached him in an aggressive manner, but Lord Burns said: "This was not what the CCTV images showed."

'Serious risk'

At the sentencing, judge Lord Burns told Mr Charnley: "This was a bad attack on a man in a public place with acid.

"It is fortunate he was not more seriously injured.

"I consider you pose a serious risk of harm to the public."

Lord Burns ordered Mr Charnley to be monitored in the community for three years after his release from prison.

Mr Charnley was previously jailed for murder in 1997 after he beat a man to death in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

He was initially freed from his life sentence in 2009 but was recalled to prison after getting into trouble and was released for a second time in 2015.