Armed robbers posed as police in Rolex raid at Ayr home

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Armed robbers posing as police officers smashed their way into a woman's home after her partner put an expensive watch for sale online.

One of the three men brandished a knife at Courtney McCreadie, from Ayr, and shouted: "Where's the Rolex?"

They went on to steal a £10,000 Volkswagen car owned by 21-year-old Ms McCreadie's partner.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Christopher O'Brien and Patrick McHugh admitted assault and robbery.

Sentence was deferred for reports.

'Rammit' device

The court heard that Ms McCreadie was at home with a young child on 22 January when she heard loud bangs at the front door.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said: "She could see three people outside. She heard a male shout: 'It's the police'."

A hand and arm then emerged through the now-damaged door to try and open the lock.

Ms Harper went on: "It was then forced open and three men ran into the house.

"They had used a 'rammit' device - the type used by police - to force the door."

O'Brien. 29, ran upstairs while McHugh, 41, and an unknown accomplice confronted Ms McCreadie.

The advocate depute said McHugh was clutching a large blade.

Caught on CCTV

She added: "He and the third man shouted at Miss McCreadie demanding money and shouting: 'Where's the Rolex?'.

"She repeatedly told them she did not know what they were talking about.

"Her partner had previously advertised a Rolex watch for sale on the internet."

The robbers ransacked drawers before demanding the keys for a Volkswagen Golf parked outside.

The men eventually escaped, with two fleeing in the Volkswagen while McHugh left in his own Renault Megane.

But the robber suffered a puncture in Ayr meaning he had to stop.

Ms Harper said: "He went to a petrol station and a supermarket looking for help.

"He was recorded on CCTV from which he and his car were identified by police."

Judge Lord Arthurson remanded O'Brien and McHugh in custody pending reports.