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Father jailed for stabbing son in row over damaged book

Gary and Declan Roe Image copyright Spindrift
Image caption Gary Roe stabbed son Declan, 20, in the stomach with a kitchen knife

A father has been jailed for more than six years for stabbing his son in the stomach in a row over a damaged book.

Gary Roe, 49, from Greenock, admitted assaulting Declan Roe, 20, to the danger of his life.

Roe was originally charged with attempting to murder Declan but the Crown accepted his plea of guilty to the lesser charge.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the attack was witnessed by a 14-year-old and a five-year-old.

Roe later told social workers compiling a background report on him it was an accident.

'No remorse'

Judge Lady Rae told Roe: "Your son could have died because of what you did. You pleaded guilty to a very serious charge of assaulting your son to the danger of his life.

"Despite your plea, you now claim it was an accident. I detect no expression of remorse for this criminal act."

Roe, who has three previous convictions for violence and two for possessing weapons, was told he would have been jailed for seven years but for his guilty plea.

The court heard Roe stabbed his son once after a blazing row at his home in Regent Street, Greenock, on 25 January.

He then cleaned the knife of blood and put it back in the kitchen.

Meanwhile his son, who was bleeding from his stomach, staggered out into the street.

Declan had gone to the house to confront his father about ripping up a book belonging to his sister.

'Heated argument'

Prosecutor Bobby Frazer said: "Declan had given a book to his 14-year-old sister as a gift which had been damaged by the accused..

"As a result of this Gary Roe and his son were engaged in a heated argument."

The court heard Declan then left the house, before returning and kicking in the front door of his father's flat.

Roe grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his son once in the abdomen with it.

When police officers arrived on the scene Declan was in the street clutching a towel to his stomach to stem the bleeding.

'Danger to life'

There was a blood trail leading up to the flat and Declan, referring to his injury, told officers: "My dad done it in his house."

Roe said that Declan had forced his way into his home, and added: "He assaulted me in my house."

Declan has been left with a scar to his abdomen. The knife wound cut through his liver.

Mr Frazer added: "If left untreated there was a potential danger to life."

Defence counsel John McElroy said: "The best that can be said is that he presents a medium risk of re-offending and he pleaded guilty."

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