World stone skimming champions crowned on Scots isle

image captionThe World Stone Skimming Championships is held in Easdale

A man from Hungary and a woman from England have won the World Stone Skimming Championships, which are held on a small Scottish island.

Peter Szep managed a distance of 122m (400ft) , while Lucy Wood threw 38m (124ft).

The annual event is held at a quarry on the island of Easdale, near Oban.

The competition also has categories for children, 'Old Tossers', and a team event.

Organisers had to restrict the number of entries to 350 on Sunday, due to the growing popularity of the competition, which sees competitors from as far afield as New Zealand and the USA.

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The rules state that all stones used must be naturally-formed Easdale slate, and should be no more than 3 inches (7.6cm) in diameter.

The stone must also bounce on the surface of the water at least twice.

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