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Masked gunman jailed for £40,000 supermarket ATM raid

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Image caption McGovern was jailed for five years at the High Court in Glasgow

A gunman who stole £40,000 in a ATM robbery at a Glasgow supermarket has been jailed for five years.

Christopher McGovern, 28, threatened a security guard with a gun as he delivered money to cash machines at Tesco in Shettleston.

The court heard he then made off with the cash, which was never recovered .

McGovern admitted carrying out the robbery and attempting to defeat the ends of justice by setting fire to the getaway car.

Car torched

At the High Court in Glasgow judge Lady Scott told him: "With your face masked you approached a security guard and demanded he give you cash.

"Later you set fire to the getaway car to destroy evidence.

"The £40,000 was never recovered.

"You say the gun was imitation.

"Even assuming that was correct, the guard was not to know that."

McGovern admitted, while acting with another unknown person, presenting a firearm or an imitation firearm at security guard Keith McMaster at Tesco at Annick Street, Glasgow, on 29 July last year.

The father-of-two then robbed him of a cash box containing £40,000 in £20 notes at Tesco at Annick Street, Glasgow.

He also pleaded guilty to attempting to defeat the ends of justice by setting fire to the getaway car.

The court heard McGovern visited the area a week before the incident.

He was caught by DNA, fingerprint and telephone evidence.

The raid took place at 11:45 after Mr McMaster had already delivered a box containing £20,000 to the ATM machines.

He returned to his van and had unloaded another box when he encountered McGovern.

The robber was carrying a gun and had his hood up and his face was masked by a scarf or a false beard.

Drug debts

McGovern, who has a previous conviction for assault and robbery, repeatedly told Mr McMaster to drop the box.

He then picked it up and ran towards a white Hyundai car, which sped off.

Defence counsel Euan Dow said: "Mr McGovern was in significant debt in relation to drugs.

"The proceeds of the robbery went to pay off his debt.

"He was under pressure to carry out this robbery.

"It was an imitation firearm, although the security guard was unaware of that fact."