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Fox got head stuck in watering can

fox with head in watering can Image copyright SSPCA
Image caption The fox was said to have been unharmed by her ordeal

A fox has been rescued after getting its head stuck in a watering can in a Glasgow garden.

The animal is thought to have been trapped in the green can for several hours before being released by Scottish SPCA officers.

The female fox was said to have been "a little bit shaken up" but otherwise unharmed by her ordeal.

She had been found by a member of the public in a garden on Ravenscraig Drive in Pollok on Wednesday.

Animal rescue officer Elizabeth Lindsay said the fox, which is believed to have been trapped since the early hours of the morning, was lucky to have survived.

'Active and wild'

She said: "The fox couldn't see me coming so I was able to get the watering can off very quickly to limit the stress caused.

"Apart from being a little bit shaken up, she was unharmed and quickly became very active and wild as soon as she was free.

"This little fox was very lucky to have been discovered as she would have perished otherwise."

The Scottish SPCA is urging people to keep their garden tidy to help protect wildlife.

Ms Lindsay said: "Calls regarding wildlife being stuck in nets, and other garden debris, is very common and sadly many animals don't survive these encounters.

"Recently my colleague was called to a fox caught in anti-weed fabric and the little guy had already lost part of his leg before she got there.

"It's for this reason that we're keen to encourage the public to keep their garden tidy as it could save an animal's life."

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