Paedophile priest Father Paul Moore 'poisoned my life'

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Paedophile priest Father Paul Moore 'poisoned my life'

A man who was sexually abused by Catholic priest Paul Moore when he was just five years old has said the ordeal "poisoned my life".

Andi Lavery, who was Moore's youngest victim, has given BBC Scotland permission to publish a picture of him which was taken in May 1977.

He said: "I was assaulted that day. Moore was present when the picture was taken."

Mr Lavery said the impact of the attacks was incalculable.

He has waived his right to anonymity and spoke out after Moore was jailed for nine years for sexually abusing him, two other children and a student priest

Mr Lavery told BBC Scotland: "It has poisoned my life.

"It has cost me relationships.

"It has cost me jobs.

"It has cost me my health.

"It has cost me my profession.

"It is like the asteroid hitting the dinosaurs and it is never the same again.

"It has been the most maligned destructive force possible and there is no earthquake rescue team coming saying 'How can we help?'

"I still continue to suffer today, even after the verdict."

No remorse

Mr Lavery told his devoutly Catholic mother about the attacks but, although she believed him, he claimed: "She just didn't want to know."

More than 40 years later he was in court to see Moore being sentenced.

Mr Lavery said: "I saw Moore's face when he was going to the cells and he has not changed since I was five.

"He has not changed one bit.

"He is still a real clear and present risk to any child he can ever get near."

Mr Lavery, who suffered a panic attack while giving evidence, remains angry about the way the Catholic Church handled his case.

And he said he could never forgive Father Moore.

Mr Lavery said: "This is the man that said he would put God inside me.

"I put him inside a cell."