Two men jailed over hot knives kidnap


Two men have been jailed after they admitted assaulting a man they held hostage.

David Morrin was abducted from his home in Netherburn, South Lanarkshire, amid claims he owed £18,000.

During a 24-hour ordeal last June, he was burned with hot knives and hit with a gun.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Gary Roxburgh was jailed for six years and his co-accused Zak Bennett was sentenced to three years, nine months.

During the earlier hearing, the court heard that the abductors called Mr Morrin's father, David Sr, and warned him that his son would die unless he paid the debt.

Sentencing the pair, Lord Mulholland said: "The father must have been frantic with worry for the safety of his son.

"The son must have been fearful for his safety and the effect the conduct would have on his father.

"Such conduct is deplorable and has no place in this country."

Heated blades

Mr Morrin was seized on 19 June this year at the family home while his parents were away, the court heard.

He had earlier met the two attackers, whom he knew, and returned home with them where they were in "good spirits".

The court was told that the atmosphere turned in the early hours and Roxburgh ordered Mr Morrin and his friend, Craig Johnstone, to bind their own feet and ankles together.

The abductor then placed knives on top of lit gas cooker rings while making threats to burn his victims' faces.

Roxburgh than pressed one of the heated blades on the leg and arm of Mr Morrin.

As he was pulled from the house, the victim was smacked with the butt of the gun.

He was shoved in the boot of a car and taken to a flat in Possil, Glasgow, where he was ordered to call his father, the court heard.

Early morning raid

Prosecutor Maryam Labaki said: "Morrin Sr spoke to a male with a local accent who stated that his son owed him £18,000 and that they had taken him from his home address.

"The male said if they did not receive funds they would cause serious harm to Morrin Jr and that they would kill him."

Mr Morrin Sr immediately called the police and received support from hostage negotiators.

It led to firearms officers storming the flat where Mr Morrin Jr was being held during an early morning raid on 20 June last year.

He was found disorientated on a sofa, with burn marks to his arms and legs. He was taken to hospital and treated at a specialist burns unit.

Roxburgh was traced several days later and his co-accused was held in July.

Bennett admitted being at the Morrin house, but insisted it was because he had been threatened by an un-named male with a gun.

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