Fence stops runaway lorry as it ploughs down icy street

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A runaway lorry ploughed into cars before crashing on a snowy street.

A runaway lorry ploughed into a car and a van as it slid down a icy street before smashing into a fence.

Dramatic footage of the incident in Glenmavis, North Lanarkshire shows the vehicle careering down a hill after crashing into a car and a van

It is understood two workmen got out to help clear the road when their own vehicle started moving.

A pedestrian can be seen running for safety before the truck hits a fence and takes out a street light.

'Gathering speed'

An eyewitness said: "If the truck had not hit the fence then it would have resulted in fatalities.

"It was gathering speed and there was a bus stopped at the bottom of the hill.

"There was also traffic queuing to get up the hill as the road had been blocked for about 15 minutes."

The incident unfolded at 07:40 on Tuesday on Coatbridge Road after the truck drove down Raebog Road.

The witness said: "The two men in the truck got out to help a car and a van which had crashed due to the treacherous conditions.

"People were also trying to move a third vehicle which was stuck at the side of the road.

"About 30 seconds later the truck took off on its own.

"The road was really slidy and it was frightening to watch."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "No one was injured.

"The driver was not charged."