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Inaya Ahmed murder trial: Mother says daughter was her world

Inaya Ahmed - picture from gofundme page
Image caption Sadia Ahmed denies smothering Inaya with a pillow

A mother accused of murdering her 14-month-old daughter wept as she told a jury: "My Inaya was the world to me."

Sadia Ahmed, 28, denies smothering the child with a pillow at the family home in Drumchapel, Glasgow, on 17 April last year.

She claims she fed her daughter Inaya a small piece of toast which the toddler choked on.

In evidence, she denied confessing to her husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law that she killed Inaya.

Defence QC Ian Duguid asked Mrs Ahmed: "Did you tell your husband that you killed Inaya because she was a burden to you?" She replied: "My Inaya was not a burden to me. I loved her with all my heart and soul."

She was then asked if she walked downstairs with Inaya in her arms, while saying 'I've put her to sleep forever,' and replied: "No."

'Difficult eater'

Mrs Ahmed told the jury at the High Court in Glasgow that she had given Inaya, who was a difficult eater, a small piece of toast with margarine for breakfast.

She added: "The health visitor had advised me to start giving her solid food. I had given her toast before and chapatis, a piece of cucumber and a piece of apple."

Mrs Ahmed added: "I was feeding my Inaya toast. I gave it to her. I took a bit off and put it in her mouth.

"She tried to reject it. I put cartoons on the telly and she was distracted and opened her mouth.

"As I was feeding my Inaya, she started to cough. There were tears coming out of her eyes. I screamed and I shouted out to my mother-in-law. She was in the bathroom at the time and she came running into the room.

"I said, 'Ma come and have a look at Inaya.' I was patting Inaya on the back trying to get the piece of bread out. My mother-in-law did the same. Inaya was still coughing at the time. All were screaming and shouting."

The jury was told that Mrs Ahmed handed Inaya to her mother-in-law.

'Devastated and shocked'

Mrs Ahmed said: "She stopped coughing after some time. When my mother-in-law had her in her arms, she became all floppy."

The accused said that her brother-in-law, Wacas Ahmed, phoned for an ambulance and carried out CPR on Inaya whose lips were blue.

Mr Duguid asked Mrs Ahmed: "What were your emotions at this time?" She replied: "Devastated and shocked."

Mrs Ahmed told the court that when she and her husband Suleman were told by doctors at the Royal Hospital for Children that Inaya would not survive, she collapsed.

Mrs Ahmed said: "After they had spoken to me, I was about to leave the room and I collapsed in the doorway."

'Family conspiracy'

The accused later told the court she believed her extended family had conspired against her.

Advocate depute Paul Kearney, prosecuting, put it to her: "People have got together and decided to make false allegations against you."

She replied: "That's correct."

He continued: "It's your position that they are all cold bloodedly lying about you coming downstairs with Inayah lifeless?"

Mrs Ahmed replied: "That's correct."

She also agreed that it "would be about the most wicked allegation to make falsely".

Mrs Ahmed insisted she had never harmed her child before or on that day.

The trial before judge Lord Matthews continues.

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