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Muslim Against Terror rally held in Glasgow's George Square

Man from the Muslim Council of Scotland speaks to crowd at anti-terror rally

A demonstration condemning terrorists attacks has been held in Glasgow's George Square.

Those attending the Muslims Against Terror rally heard speeches denouncing the recent attacks in Manchester and London.

A representative of the Muslim Council of Scotland told crowds that Muslims had a "duty to protect this country" and had worked with Police Scotland.

"We cannot let a handful of people radicalised by social media divide us."

Organiser Omair Manzoor, said he wanted to give ordinary muslims, appalled by the recent terror attacks on London and Manchester an opportunity to show their sympathy for all those affected.

Standing together

The attacks were condemned by a succession of speakers who emphasised the importance of all communities standing together against terrorism.

Lawyer Aamer Anwar asked: "Muslims reported those who went on to be terrorists, what were secret services doing?"

MSP Anas Sarwar added: "Real Muslims were at home with their families... or working in hospitals."

Another speaker, the Rev Stuart MacQuarrie, told the crowd: "We stand together appalled by the attacks in London, Manchester, Kabul and elsewhere."

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