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SNP take control of East Dunbartonshire Council

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The SNP will take control of East Dunbartonshire Council.

The party formed a minority administration after a council meeting following local elections earlier this month.

Before the poll, Labour and the Conservatives ran a minority administration between them.

While the SNP are now the biggest single party, they fall well short of an overall majority with just seven of the council's 22 seats.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have six councillors each, Labour has two and there is one independent.

Most of Scotland's 32 local authorities have now formed administrations, but a few are still to reach decisions.

Stirling Council voted on Wednesday evening to back an SNP-Labour coalition.

Christine Simpson (Labour) was named as the new provost and Graham Houston (SNP) as depute convener.

West Lothian and Edinburgh councils are due to hold meetings on Thursday, after both adjourned meetings last week.

'Deal blocked'

In West Lothian, a proposed coalition between Labour and the Conservatives was blocked by Labour's Scottish Executive Committee. Labour has indicated that it hopes to find a way of governing as a minority.

There has been no sign yet of a deal to run Edinburgh Council. The SNP is the largest party with the Conservatives in second place. The SNP and Labour have each made it clear they will not do formal deals with the Conservatives in Edinburgh.

Inverclyde Council will also hold a meeting on Thursday.

Generally, councils now have either minority administrations led by the biggest local party or coalitions which include the biggest local party, but there are a number of significant exceptions.

In Aberdeen, the Labour group and the Conservatives have formed a coalition which keeps the SNP out - the Labour councillors have been suspended from the party for going ahead with the deal which was not supported by the party's Scottish Executive Committee.

The SNP has also been kept out of control in Argyll and Bute, Angus, Moray and North Lanarkshire.

The Conservatives are not part of the administration in Dumfries and Galloway and East Renfrewshire.

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What about the other councils?

Aberdeen - Labour suspended nine councillors after they agreed a coalition deal with the Conservatives.

Aberdeenshire - A coalition of Conservative, Liberal Democrats and independent councillors will run the council.

Angus - Conservatives, Independents and Liberal Democrats form the administration.

Argyll and Bute - Independent, Lib Dem and Conservative coalition

Clackmannanshire - The first meeting of the new council could not agree an administration. They will meet again on 1 June.

Dumfries and Galloway - A coalition between Labour and the SNP has taken control, meaning the Conservative group, which won most seats, is kept out of the administration.

Dundee City - SNP to form administration with Independent.

East Ayrshire Council - SNP minority administration

East Dunbartonshire - SNP minority administration

East Lothian- Labour minority administration

East Renfrewshire - The SNP and Labour are set to run the council despite the Conservatives winning the most seats.

Edinburgh - No agreement reached. A new administration will not now be formed for at least another week.

Falkirk - SNP minority takes control of the council

Fife - Joint leadership, with power shared equally between SNP and Labour.

Glasgow - The SNP has formed a minority administration, ending almost 40 years of Labour dominance.

Highland - 28 independents along with 10 Lib Dems and three Labour have formed an administration, keeping out the SNP and Tories.

Inverclyde - Meeting Thursday 25 May at 16:00

Midlothian - Labour will run a minority administration

Moray - The Conservative group of eight councillors is to join forces with six of the independent members.

North Ayrshire - Labour will continue to run the council despite a surge from the Scottish Conservatives in the local elections. The SNP has the same number of seats as Labour.

North Lanarkshire - Labour has formed a minority administration. There will be no formal coalition agreement with the Tories.

Perth and Kinross - A Conservative-led coalition with the Lib Dems and independents.

Renfrewshire Council - will operate as an SNP minority administration.

South Ayrshire - A coalition of SNP, Labour and independent councillors has been formed to run the council.

Scottish Borders - A new Conservative-independent coalition has taken formal control. It was previously an SNP/Lib Dem/independent administration.

South Lanarkshire - Labour members abstained in a vote on forming an alliance with the Tories. The SNP took control of the council, with a minority administration. They are seven seats short of a majority but the other parties could agree to work together.

Stirling - The SNP and Labour agree a coaltion to run the council.

West Dunbartonshire - It will be an SNP-independent administration. The 10 SNP councillors have joined with one of the two independents to form an administration.

West Lothian - No deal agreed after Scottish Labour's ruling body told councillors not to enter a coalition with the Conservatives. They will meet again on Thursday.

Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland - All administrations dominated by independents.

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