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Gallery celebrates the art of comics

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Work by one of the world's top comic book artists has been put on display at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Glasgow-born Frank Quitely, who still works in the city, has worked on titles such as DC's Superman, Batman and Marvel Comics' X-Men.

Books he created in collaboration with Scottish writers Alan Grant, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison have sold millions of copies.

Items on display include an original Batman comic strip.

Frank Quitely said: "When I was growing up I thought everything exciting that was happening was happening somewhere else, usually America.

"That was never the case, but it's even less so now. In this digital age it's never been easier to collaborate with others, and to find an audience for what you do.

"What I had always done as a hobby, I started doing as a low-paid job and I just built on it from there."

He added: "I hope young people leave this exhibition with a renewed belief in the possibility that you can make a career out of what you love doing most, but more importantly, whether you make it a career or not, I hope they get the idea that if there's something you love doing you should do it and enjoy it and strive to become better at it, because it really enriches your life."

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Frank Quitely was born in 1968. His real name is Vincent 'Vin' Deighan.

Under his real name, he will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow later this year.

Glasgow Museums curator producer Martin Craig said: "We are delighted to work with Vin Deighan to bring this magnificent exhibition to Kelvingrove. Frank Quitely's work is beautiful, it's meticulous and it has helped cement the amazing impact Scotland has had on the comic book world.

"Once you see the work in person it is easy to see why Vin is considered to be one of the top comic book artists working in the world today.

"Audiences can marvel at the largest collection of his work ever displayed. They can get up close and admire the painstaking detail in every iconic frame."

Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics is at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum from 1 April to 1 October.

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