Man jailed for ransacking woman's Burnside home


A woman has described how a burglar told her to give him everything or she would be "getting it".

Claire Lindsay, 40, was in bed when Jack Ferguson broke in to her home in Burnside, South Lanarkshire in December 2015.

During the raid, the 47 year old kicked a young boy and went on to steal £12,000 of goods, including jewellery.

Ferguson had denied involvement but he was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow and jailed for five years.

Ms Lindsay told a jury she was woken up by a light going on and initially thought her husband had returned home from a night shift early.

Instead she found it was Ferguson standing in her bedroom with a hat partly pulled down over his face.

She said: "He was shouting, swearing, telling me to get downstairs.

"He was saying: 'Give me everything'."

'Preyed on mind'

Ferguson then turned his attention to a nine year-boy who had also been sleeping in the room, kicking him and swearing at him.

When Ms Lindsay asked him to leave, he shouted at her to go downstairs.

She recalled Ferguson going downstairs giving her the chance to dial 999.

She then discovered he had gone, but that her house had been "ransacked".

A hammer and a screwdriver - thought to have been used during the raid - were outside the house.

Ms Lindsay told the court she was "100% sure" Ferguson was the burglar.

She said the ordeal had "constantly preyed" on her mind for months afterwards.

The court heard that Ferguson had criminal record dating back to 1986 for offences including violence.

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