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Three cats poisoned with anti-freeze in Kilmarnock

poisoned cats Image copyright Scottish SPCA

Three cats have died after being poisoned with anti-freeze in an East Ayrshire town.

The pets were found to be unwell when they returned to their owners' home in Onthank Drive, Kilmarmock, on 24 October.

The Scottish SPCA said they were taken to a local vet but had to be put to sleep.

The animal welfare charity said it believed someone was "intentionally killing these cats".

A spokesman for the Scottish SPCA said: "A number of cats in this area have been poisoned with anti-freeze over the past few years.

"Unfortunately one of the owners in this case has had her pets poisoned twice, each time leading to them being put to sleep.

"This was not an accident and someone is intentionally killing these cats. We ask anyone with information to get in touch to prevent any more animals being needlessly killed."

Anyone with information has been urged to contact the Scottish SPCA.

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