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Dog to be destroyed after attack on boy in Darvel

A woman whose Rottweiler dog attacked an 11-year-old boy after escaping from her garden has been told to have it destroyed and pay £2,000 compensation.

Laura Lupke, 60, denied the dog involved was hers after the incident in Darvel, East Ayrshire, in July.

But she was found guilty of owning a dog dangerously out of control after the boy gave evidence.

Sheriff Alistair Watson ordered the dog, which has been in kennels since the attack, to be put down.

Lupke, formerly of Darvel but now of Glasgow, denied the offence and claimed another animal could have been to blame.

'Great big dogs'

But Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard how the Rottweiler was accompanied by a second dog - and both resembled her pets.

The boy, who was hospitalised for two days following the attack, gave evidence via video link.

He told the court he was in the park with two friends who yelled a warning before the dog attacked.

"I was running to catch up with them when I saw these two great big dogs," he said.

"One was golden coloured and the one that brought me down was black and brown.

"My friends shouted to me, 'there's two dogs behind you, run, run', and I looked back and saw them so I just sprinted."

'Gushing with blood'

He said he was brought down by the Rottweiler which grabbed him by the arm.

The boy, who cannot be identified, added: "It kept swinging me about then someone got it off me.

"That was about five minutes into the attack. I had been lying there while it was swinging me about.

"My arm was gushing with blood and there was sickness on it.

"It was my next door neighbour's dogs. They're always out in the garden barking."

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