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Girvan man murdered after party noise complaint

John Kiltie Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption John Kiltie had lived in the street where he was murdered for 20 years

A father-of-four was stabbed to death after complaining about the noise of a neighbour's all-night party, a court has heard.

John Kiltie, 44, was stabbed four times after making the complaint at a house in Girvan, South Ayrshire, in May this year.

Adam Lundy, 27, was found guilty of murdering Mr Kiltie, a driver with Stagecoach, after a 13-day trial.

Lundy, described as a "a violent recidivist", will be sentenced later.

Two other men - Kern Allison, 18, and 24-year-old Nicholas Goodwin - were charged with assaulting Mr Kiltie, but not with his murder.

Allison was found guilty of the assault and admonished. Mr Goodwin was found not guilty.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Mr Kiltie was repeatedly punched and kicked on the head and body after going to make the complaint on 27 May in Park Road, Girvan.

He was also stabbed four times and died from a stab wound to the heart inflicted by a double-edged 5in blade.

The driver had lived in Park Road with his partner, 38-year-old Sharon Tweedie, for 20 years.

Ms Tweedie said the party had been held at the house opposite with continuous shouting and noise coming from the property all evening and into the morning.

She told the court she had asked her husband to call the police. Four officers arrived, but stayed "just minutes" before leaving, Ms Tweedie said.

The court heard that a woman who lived at the house later began shouting and swearing at Mr Kiltie and accused him of being a "police grass".

She also shouted "go and and do him in", the jury was told.

Minutes later Mr Kiltie was attacked and left bleeding on the ground.

Ms Tweedie said: "I went to the back door. John's mum was kneeling next to John, who was lying on the ground. There was lots of blood on his chest."

Racial attacks

The three accused claimed in statements to the police that Mr Kiltie had attacked them with a baseball bat when he arrived at the house.

After the verdict, Advocate Depute Tim Niven-Smith told judge Lady Scott that Lundy was "a violent recidivist with a predilection for carrying weapons".

In 2007, he was convicted of assaults to severe injury and permanent disfigurement with a bottle, golf club and knife.

In November 2014, he was jailed for causing injury with a knife and while he was on bail prior to his trial for the murder of Mr Kiltie, he was sentenced for possession of a knife and carrying out racially aggravated assaults on two people.

He will be sentenced on December 15.

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