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Paige Doherty's mother seeks meeting with her killer

Paige Doherty Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption Paige Doherty was murdered at John Leathem's deli in Clydebank in March

The mother of murdered teenager Paige Doherty has said she wants to meet the man convicted of killing her daughter.

John Leathem, 32, was jailed in October for a minimum of 27 years.

He had admitted stabbing the 15-year-old in a "savage and frenzied" attack at his deli in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, on 19 March.

Pamela Munro told BBC Radio Scotland that she wanted to sit in front of Leathem and ask him why he acted in the way he did.

Leathem had claimed he murdered Paige because she threatened to report him for sexual assault after she applied for a job at his deli.

Speaking on the Kaye Adams programme, Ms Munro said she wanted to hear Leathem admit he had made up the story.

Image copyright Jane Barlow
Image caption Pamela Munro said she was braced for Leathem's appeal against his sentence

Paige's mother said: "I'd like to sit with him in front of me and ask him why.

"And I'd also like to ask him why he's made his excuse or reason as to why he's done it.

"Paige isn't here to clear her name and I know as Paige's mum that she never said that.

"And I know everybody that knows her knows she never said what he's saying."

'Made eye contact'

Mrs Munro added: "I want him to say for the few people that do believe it, I want him to say and clear Paige's name because she can't clear her name herself, so it's my job as her mum to do that."

When asked by the radio presenter if she would be able to cope with sitting in front of Leathem, Mrs Munro added: "For Paige's sake I could do anything.

Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption John Leathem faces a life term after he admitted murdering Paige

"If I thought there was a tiny bit of hope that he might say 'I made that up' then I could sit there in front of him."

Mrs Munro said sitting through the trial in close proximity to Leathem was the "worst thing" she had done.

She told the programme: "With him standing there, I was metres from him. He was really, really close beside myself and Andrew. It was worse than even identifying her [Paige].

"It was kind of like 'this is the man that killed my daughter'. I wasn't sure how I'd feel. I thought, am I going to lash out, am I going to do something daft?

"But with my husband by my side and my dad and all our family, it kind of held us together."

Mrs Munro said she tried to catch the eye of Leathem during the court case.

She added: "I tried. We all stared at him but he never made eye contact with us. He just looked to the ground he never looked once."

Following his 27-year minimum sentence for the killing, Leathem lodged an appeal against the length of time he must spend in prison.

Mrs Munro said she was braced for Leathem's appeal. However, she urged him to accept his fate.

She added: "I was ready for it. I think he's got a cheek. He should accept the sentence that's he's been given and just be grateful that it isn't longer. It's a big thing the sentence and I also think that he should be given longer."

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