Karate expert defeats Irvine store robber


A would-be robber who tried to hold up an Ayrshire shop after claiming he was armed was defeated by the boss's black belt karate skills, a court has heard.

Liam Meighan asked at the till for Buckfast and cigarettes, then said: "I'm sorry to do this but I'm going to take it because I've got a gun."

But the manager of the store in Irvine, Robert Chalmers, appeared and pinned the 22-year-old to the floor.

Meighan admitted the offences and was remanded in custody.

Iain Gray, prosecuting, said: "Unfortunately for the accused, Mr Chalmers is a 4th Dan black belt in martial arts.

"He subdued the attacker in the belief he was in possession of a firearm and he was struck to the ground until he let go of the object."

CCTV footage captured the incident in June at Premier Stores, showing Meighan carrying a plastic bag containing a stick.

Meighan admitted assaulting staff, stating he had a gun, demanding alcohol and cigarettes, presenting an item in the shape of a gun and attempted robbery.

He also admitted two breaches of bail curfew committed since the incident.

James Irvine, defending at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, said: "It's clear that summary justice was meted out fairly quickly and there is no issue with that. Mr Chalmers dealt with the matter very quickly."

Sheriff David Hall deferred until next month. He had two pages of prior convictions, the court heard.

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